DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System):

MAPPA stands as a trailblazer in the realm of surveying, particularly excelling in projects that demand precision and resilience in the face of challenging environments. Our expertise extends across various terrains, from the dense African jungles of Mozambique to the arid deserts of Oman, where we’ve successfully navigated extreme temperature fluctuations and adverse climatic conditions.

Global Expertise: Our achievements are not confined to specific geographical regions; rather, we have showcased our capabilities on a global scale. Whether it’s establishing a DGPS Control Network or conducting detailed mapping, MAPPA is equipped to undertake projects that span continents, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every corner of the world.

Mozambique: In the heart of Mozambique’s thick African jungle, where navigating terrain can be a formidable challenge, MAPPA has triumphed. Our DGPS solutions have been instrumental in overcoming the complexities posed by the lush vegetation, allowing us to execute surveying projects with precision and efficiency. The ability to adapt to extreme temperature conditions and adverse climates underscores our commitment to delivering results even in the most demanding environments.

Oman: The deserts of Oman present an entirely different set of challenges, characterized by harsh climatic conditions and expansive, often unforgiving landscapes. In this environment, MAPPA has successfully executed assignments, showcasing our proficiency in utilizing DGPS technology to achieve accurate and reliable positioning data. Our experience in Oman reflects our capacity to operate in diverse terrains, ensuring that our clients receive top-tier surveying services regardless of the environmental challenges.

Establishing DGPS Control Networks: At the core of our capabilities is the establishment of DGPS Control Networks, a critical component in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of positioning data. Our adept team, armed with cutting-edge technology, meticulously designs and implements control networks that serve as the backbone for precise mapping and surveying activities. This meticulous approach is a testament to our commitment to delivering results that meet the highest standards of quality and precision.

In summary, MAPPA’s prowess in DGPS extends beyond borders, encompassing a diverse range of environments and conditions. Our ability to navigate and succeed in challenging terrains positions us as a leader in the field of surveying, where precision and adaptability are paramount. As we continue to push the boundaries of what is achievable with DGPS technology, our clients can trust us to deliver exceptional results on a global scale.


MAPPA showcases its DGPS expertise in marine environments, delivering precision in hydrographic surveys and offshore mapping. Our capability extends to charting coastlines, seabeds, and underwater features, ensuring accuracy for maritime navigation, resource exploration, and environmental monitoring.

In bustling urban landscapes, MAPPA excels in utilizing DGPS for detailed infrastructure mapping. From city planning to utility management, our solutions provide accurate geospatial data essential for urban development projects, enabling efficient resource allocation and infrastructure optimization.

MAPPA's DGPS applications extend to agriculture, where precision is crucial. We offer tailored solutions for precision farming, leveraging DGPS technology to optimize planting patterns, monitor crop health, and enhance overall agricultural productivity. Our commitment to precision contributes to sustainable and efficient farming practices.


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