The company has successfully executed projects involving high end survey solutions in India and Abroad. We have successfully completed topographical survey project with an area of 5000 Sq Km. Our Client list include many leading Consultants and Government Agencies.

MAPPA has successfully completed challenging surveying projects in Mozambique, in the heart of thick African jungle with extreme temperature conditions and adverse climatic conditions. We have also completed successfully assignments in the deserts of Oman in extreme climatic conditions.

 MAPPA ability includes, establishing DGPS Control Network and detail mapping across the globe.

We have executed a single project in an area of 5600 Sq Km in Maharastra for fixing DGPS control station with 1Km X 1Km grid for Geo physical explorations.

MAPPA  is one of the leading company in the area of Surveying with Ultra modern equipments like 3D Laser Scanners (LiDAR), high end DGPS with Omni star corrections and Total Stations.

Services Offered :

  • Mobile and Terrestrial LiDAR surveys
  • Total Station surveys
  • DGPS Surveys