The Leica total station empowers you to carry out measurement tasks with ease and simplicity. The Leica is an entry-level manual total station, created to help you master surveying, layout and mapping projects. It will prove itself in the field and immediately become a valuable member of your team.

Buying a Leica is a smart decision as it represents a business-smart entry into Leica Geosystems world. You and your surveying crew members will be ready for new projects in no time.

Enjoy the benefits of a 500 m non-prism range and 3,000 m prism range, always combined with accuracy and measurement speed, which increases your productivity. With built-in sensors like an electronic dual axis compensator, a laser plummet, onboard field software and short keys for quick menu access you’ll have a fast instrument setup and fast measurements.

With the Leica total station you get your all-in-on package as it comes with Leica Geosystems accessories, such as a long-operating battery, a charger and a tribrach tested to reliably fulfil the requirements – when every detail counts.

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